"First off, great customer service. Sonya is always friendly and accommodating. Even though I am 3000 miles away from her, Sonya ensures that my orders arrive quickly and in quality condition. Many businesses have good products, but they fall short in the area of customer service. Not so with Jai's Lite. I feel very much appreciated. Now, about the product... The body butter is my thing!!! It is much better than any lotion I have used and there are some many great masculine body butter scents for men that want to use the product. As of late, Sonya is trying to get me to step my game up by mixing the oils and the butter to creat some unique scents. What more can you ask for from a business? lol I am recommending Jai's Lite to all my friends."
Tyehimba Jelani
Oakland, CA
"I own a hair salon and thought it was a good ideal to try Jai's Lite shea butter. I was introduced to it by a close friend. The very first BIG difference in my skin was the moisture and the color of my skin. I tied different smells and every where I went people told me that I smelled good. The second BIG difference was the veins in my legs are now smooth, and the scars are gone. Putting the shea butter on my skin feels like pudding smooth, creamy and so soft. The products are all natural and of course better for your body as I learned more about Jai's Lite products. My daughter and people in my salon also buy and use Jai's Lite because it sells itself. It is truly a wonderful product."
Ms. Wylma Caslin
Chattanooga, TN
"I absolutely love Jai's Lite products. Not only are her oils, butters, lotions and candles high quality, but the level of customer service she provides mirrors it. Every time I leave the house, people ask "what fragrance are you wearing"? With excitement, I quickly share her contact w/them. I am an avid fan of her products. Thank you."
J. McClure
Calhoun, GA
"I'm absolutely in with Jai's Lite... Listen everywhere I go people stop me and ask what is that fragrance? After leaving the room the scent still lingers not too mention the magic it works on my skin. I have very dry skin and when I put Jai's Lite on it gives me not only a glow out of this world it also deeply moistens my skin all while leaving a very great lasting impression. Don't think I can live without Jai's Lite from now on."
Orlando, FL
"I have been a fan of Jai's Lite for over 10 years. I love the candles which I used for aromatherapy and hand them out as gifts for my massage therapist and my aesthetician. Honestly you don't even have to burn the candle, jut put it in a room and close the door. They last forever! Satsuma and Grapefruit are my favs. They make great gifts. ​ I think I've tried almost every variety of the whipped butters. I use them daily. The women in my family stock up on them as well. It seems like just about every few weeks one of my aunts says "hey I ran out of my stuff can you get Miss. Sonya to make me some more"? ​ Jai's Lite is a big part of my healing process, from the candles to the butters and incenses, they are a must in my household and business."
College Park, GA
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